Workshop feedback

Absolutely interesting and very valuable further training, which I can recommend to everyone who is active in the field of competition or child and youth training. I would also recommend that managers in the professional field take this further training with them. I personally found it very interesting and instructive to do tasks in groups and to get different views and interpretations. Here the right tools (methods) are given.


I can highly recommend the seminar!

Last weekend I took part in the advanced training “Heart  rate variability (HRV) in sports and health management”. As a graduate of the DSHS Cologne, I appreciate the opportunities for further education at my former university. The advanced training “Heart rate variability (HRV) in sports and health management”  was of particular interest to me, as I work with HRV biofeedback in my work with companies, private individuals and also with institutions for mentally ill people. I really enjoyed the further training, which was led by Dr. Sylvain Laborde and Stefan Ackermann, and provided me with a lot of new insights. The combination of theory and practice was really good and also gives me more ideas for my stress management coaching and for my animal-supported interventions with my Lamas. I can highly recommend the seminar. Thanks to Dr. Sylvain Laborde and Mr. Stefan Ackermann for the competent and friendly management of the two days. I am already looking forward to the next further training.

Beate – Diploma sports teacher

A highly recommended workshop!

The advanced training ,Heart rate variability (HRV) in sports and health management’ at the DSHS was a very interesting and informative workshop. He has given me a lot more information about HRV, so that after the 2 days I am able to work with measurements and first interpretations. For me, the beautiful mixture of high professional competence and the sensitive perception of our questions about the provided knowledge were particularly noteworthy. The very credible independence towards the many HRV product providers would be another recommendation criterion for me. Promises of the different providers are critically, at all times factually, examined. All in all it was a successful mixture of theoretical background knowledge, application possibilities and experiments with different measuring systems. All this was in a friendly atmosphere and professionally organized. From my side: A highly recommended workshop!


Definitely one of the best training courses I have ever attended.

Firstly, the latest research results are available at first hand. Secondly, several opportunities for personal development, whether through play or through conversation. With many new good experiences and emotional moments, I went back home. Thanks to our two lecturers, Dr. Sylvain Laborde and Stefan Ackermann, they couldn’t have been better suited for this!


This workshop on emotional intelligence was full of theoretical background knowledge and practical relevance.

Emotions are like waves; we can’t stop them, but we can decide which ones we want to surf.” This introductory quote gave the seminar a central theme and guided the participants through the five competences of Emotional Intelligence, the universal expressions of emotions and the well and less known examples of the use of Emotional Intelligence in sport and at work. Another focus of the workshop was the training of Emotional Intelligence – How do I do this for myself, my athlete, and at work?

The theoretical background and practical relevance makes this workshop extremely suitable for application, and invite the participants to implement the techniques learned very quickly in their own life. The workshop is conducted by an empathetic team of speakers who convey the joy of learning in a knowledgeable and practice-oriented manner.

Many thanks to Sylvain and Stefan!

Thomas, Fitness coach

Motivated lecturers trained us about how to improve the five main competences of Emotional Intelligence, and how to use emotional intelligence evaluation tools. Fascinating.

Georg, sport teacher

Helpful, reflective and very complete workshop on heart rate variability

This is perhaps the best way to summarise this workshop on heart rate variability at the German Sport University. As a psychologist, I am currently doing research in the field of stress and self-regulation. Therefore, I wanted to use the workshop primarily to deepen my knowledge about the evaluation and interpretation of HRV measurements. In addition to theoretical knowledge, I particularly liked the practical knowledge transfer. The participants were able to make HRV measurements themselves and then analyze their own data. In addition to the tips on data analysis and interpretation, I also benefited from the many HRV application areas. Last but not least, after the weekend I decided to do more research on my own health using HRV. I can only recommend this workshop to others, regardless of whether someone has never heard of HRV or already has (or think he has) some previous knowledge on the topic.

Tom, Researcher and Psychologist

I am absolutely thrilled of this heart rate variability workshop, we can see that Sylvain and Stefan burn for this topic, and they have a great way to transmit their passion about heart rate variability to the participants. Until recently, I didn’t have much contact with heart rate variability, but my interest in the holistic nature of body, mind and soul drew my attention. In this workshop it is not only a question of getting a lot of knowledge on the topic, but also of being able to try out and evaluate your own data. During those two days one really gets the feeling to dig deep into the topic, and I remained heavily impressed by the motivation and the knowledge of the speakers. I am very happy to have done this workshop.

Holger, fitness coach

Although I already dealt intensively with the topic HRV, I could learn a bunch of new information that I can directly implement in my own training and for my team. I can definitely recommend this workshop for beginners and advanced users in HRV.

Sebastian, football performance coach

This heart rate variability workshop was based on really high-level sport and health science.

Sylvia, sport teacher

The workshop on HRV in sport and health management was a a real eye-opener at the same time. In addition to the presentation of theoretical basics and the current state of science, Sylvain Laborde and Stefan Ackermann are able to deeply inspire the participants with their passion for the topic.

Hendrik, Student in Sports Sciences

Which factors have a direct influence on the activity of the vagus nerve? How can physical and mental resilience be measured? How can we best collect and interpret HRV data? Which products available on the market can be used for this purpose? Answers to these and many other questions can be found during this workshop!

Santiago, Sports Sciences student

The workshop provided me with an excellent overview of the limits and possibilities of HRV measurement at a high scientific level. As a general practitioner and sports physician, I appreciate HRV measurement as a low-cost, universal and non-invasive diagnostic method with a high significance for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. For the first time, the workshop provided me with an excellent overview of the limits and possibilities of HRV measurement at a high scientific level. The practical exercises were very varied and exciting, so that I will recommend them to my patients as biofeedback exercises.

Christopher, Physician

I can highly recommend the workshop Emotional Intelligence in Sport and at Work. One learns a lot about oneself and about the psychological and physiological processes occurring in the body and in the brain in an atmosphere of trust. The speakers Sylvain Laborde and Stefan Ackermann take a lot of time for the participants and do a very good job. As highlights I like to point out the 30min face-to-face feedback about my emotional intelligence profile with Sylvain Laborde, as well as the practical exercises realized with Stefan Ackermann in the sports facilities.

Simon, Manager

I participated in the advanced training “Emotional Intelligence in Sports and at Work” with Sylvain Laborde and Stefan Ackermann at the German Sport University in Cologne. The event was entertaining and worth every lesson (18h). Informative theoretical contents alternated with practical exercises. The seminar script and the exercise descriptions provided enabled me to deal with the topic in a renewed way after the workshop.

Gaby, teacher

The workshop offers an interesting insight into the theoretical aspects of emotional intelligence and at the same time gives you the opportunity to experience them in practice. In a very trusting setting you will be pushed out of your comfort zone once in a while. What may be a bit unpleasant or unusual at first is very enriching afterwards.

Christian, Student in Sport Sciences