“Sylvain already published four books related to the foundations of FORTITUDE Mental Training”


His first novel published when he was 19,Le Tour de sa vie en 23 jours, tells the story of a cyclist competing to win the Tour de France, and focused on the mental game played between him and his opponents


“Les facettes de l’arbitrage”, focused on the preparation of referees to make the best decisions during Competitions, published with Prof. Fabrice Dosseville (University of Caen-Normandie, France)


“Performance Psychology – Perception, Action, Cognition, and Emotion”, published with his colleagues from the Institute of Psychology (Department of Performance Psychology) of the German Sport University (Prof. Markus Raab, Babett Lobinger (PhD), Alexandra Pizzera (PhD), and Sven Hoffmann (PhD)) gives a broad overview on the psychological factors influencing performance.


His most recent book “Emotionale Intelligenz im Sport”, published with his colleagues from the German Sport University Philip Furley (PhD), Lisa Musculus (PhD), and Stefan Ackermann (B. Sc), focuses on how to improve emotional intelligence via sport and physical activities.